Terri Doty

We’re less than a week away from One of Few’s release!

I can’t believe it, guys. This is so exciting… and TERRIFYING. But mostly exciting.

Thanks to all those that have pre-ordered their Kindle copy! If you’d like to pre-order, do so here. The paperback will be available on Tuesday May 23rd through Amazon.

And now for the third and FINAL sneak peek.


If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen my posts about recording voice actors on One of Few. I’ve just wrapped the main cast outside myself for the audiobook.

THAT’S RIGHT! Aside from narration and Eleven, all the other characters will be voiced by someone other than yours truly.

I’ll post more info when I’m finished recording and close to wrapping post.

Don’t forget to put One of Few on wishlists via Amazon and Goodreads!!!

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