Terri Doty

My first book ever is now available for your beautiful ears!

Doing what few can. How fortunate I am.

Locators are rare. Only 11 people can access chambers throughout the world. The fourth-dimensional pockets themselves are a mystery. They can hold anything from both known and unknown worlds.

With a locator’s ability comes power. A power that hasn’t escaped the notice of the Ceruleman race. They will stop at nothing to keep control of the chambers. Of the locators. Of her.

Eleven isn’t a name you run across often. When you do, you tend not to forget. Unfortunately for the 11th locator, that’s all she’s been doing. Forgetting.

But things change. It’s time to remember.

The full vocal cast for One of Few is as follows:

Eleven (& Narrator) – Terri Doty
Felix – Christopher Sabat
Crux – Josh Grelle
Vera – Monica Rial
Ten – Christopher Wehkamp
Maggie – Tia Ballard
Abe – Aaron Dismuke
Isaac – Rob McCollum
Helot – Daman Mills
Xolin – Joel McDonald
Trah-Ul – Marissa Lenti
Dyssae – Charlie Campbell

Additional Characters – Dawn M. Bennett, Nazeeh Tarsha, Phil Parsons, Jeannie Tirado, Marissa Lenti, Kristen McGuire, Charlie Campbell, Joanna Beatty, Daman Mills, Josh Grelle, Monica Rial, Donald Schults, & Stephen Hoff

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