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What?! A new blog post?

I know, I know. Being busy has a downside and, unfortunately, the blog has had to take a back seat these past few weeks. Though I’d love to stick to a schedule, something tells me the calendar will never be predictable enough for that. I am gonna do my best to keep all you lovely people posted via social media loveliness.

Onto the fun stuff…

Ushicon - 2Josh Grelle and I were guests at Ushicon in Round Rock, TX this past weekend.

The staff, even Brandy (Guest Relations guru who swears up and down that she wasn’t trying to kill me all weekend), were beyond awesome.

Throw in some badass attendees and you’ve got a pretty rad convention on your hands!

It’d been ages since I’d hung out with Josh Grelle. It took us driving three hours south of home to make the time to catch up. There was a lot of pent-up craziness released throughout the con. Don’t worry, it was the good crazy… I think. Either way, if you were an attendee or a staffer, I’m sure you got quite the show.

The Guest Social gave attendees the chance to sit, chat, and have a snack with me and Grelle before the convention kicked into high gear. I honestly forgot that it was a scheduled event and just felt like I was hanging out. That’s one of the best things that can happen at a con (anime or otherwise). Plus I finally got to see one of those Blooming Tea Flower thingies (enjoy a short clip here) thanks to Brandy.

I love me a good dealer’s room and Ushicon’s did not disappoint. Saw a lot of great stuff: figurines, plushies, puppets, artwork, etc.  Josh even got me an undead Hello Kitty (more zombie stuff, woohoo)!

Also got to bug the crazy-talented Amelie Belcher. We’d met previously at AnimeFest when she auctioned off an oil painting of hers (David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor). Been buddies ever since! She also joined us for That Terrible 18+ Panel, which really should’ve just been called “Let’s Talk about RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne”. Hopefully we enticed attendees enough to have them check it out via DVD/Bluray or Netflix (FYI: Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended).

Josh Grelle (aka Akihisa Yoshii) was there… I was there (aka Voice Director for Baka & Test/Yuuji/Yuuka)… It would’ve been silly not to do a live commentary for the first two episodes, right? Man I love this show and I’m so proud to be a part of it. We got a lot of great feedback and people really seemed to like it. This, too, is available on Netflix and/or Bluray/DVD!

Ushicon - 11Some great shows were represented throughout Ushicon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Foot specifically), Attack on Titan, Black Butler, and many, many more. Have to say my favorite cosplay was the Princess Jellyfish (aka Kuragehime) duo we met on Sunday. I’m obsessed with that show and it’s safe to say Josh is too (much geeking out was done over this particular Kuranosuke ensemble). These two were beyond sweet and Tsukimi even made the jellies herself!

When everything was said and done, I joined the crew for a post con dinner at this really cool mexican joint, La Margarita. Did you know if you tell the wait staff it’s the con chair’s birthday they’ll make him wear a sombrero while they sing? Hey, he got ice cream after. Totally worth it.

Ushicon was just full of win.

Oh, for the record, Brandy was not actually trying to kill me. You’d think I wouldn’t have to clarify that it was a joke, but I did get a couple messages via Twitter (and they were hilarious)… Really hope nothing happens to me in the next few months or she might be a suspect in my disappearance.

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  1. Katelyn
    August 11, 2014 at 3:10 am

    Oh La Margarita. My dad took me here on a birthday. He was not one to try new restaurants. Turns out he researched and discovered this to the most embarrassing. I should have know something was going on. It was great to see you again!

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