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Tokyo in Tulsa… Ah, what can I say about a convention that’s crazy enough to ask me back for the third time? Oh. Right. THANK YOU! IMG_20160715_155744I’ve said it more than a few times, but TnT is just one of those cons that feels like a reunion. The staffers are amazing, the attendees ask fantastic questions, cosplayers put my outfits to shame (though that isn’t necessarily hard, haha), artists/dealers make me spend too much… It is just a fun few days. This year was no exception. I know because I’ve got the lack of sleep to prove it. Fellow guests this year included: Jessica Cavanagh, Chris Patton, Eric Cherry, Amelie Belcher, the Chalk Twins, Leah Clark, Joel McDonald (who brought his adorable son with him and I could barely take it, ya’ll!!!!), J. Michael Tatum, Rachael Messer, Wendy Powell, MeteoroiD, and Chanty . Best part? Okay, maybe not the BEST part, but a part that is definitely worth mentioning? The Hubs got to join me! Seriously, Stephen doesn’t get to come with me to conventions all that often, so this was definitely a treat. His one request? “We HAVE to see MeteroiD.” IMG_20160715_214321And that we did. After a great Sakura dinner, we dragged Tatum with us to see Chanty and MeteoroiD. I’d never taken the time to go the concerts and that’s a shame. If they were anything like the show that night, I missed out on a lot of awesomeness! Thanks to Brandon, MeteoroiD’s translator and dear friend of the Doty-Hoffs (i.e. Stephen and I), The Hubs got to geek out with them about gear, the industry, genres, influences, and more. Did you know MeteoroiD is a fan of Poison (i.e. 80’s hair metal)? WELL YOU DO NOW! 13728427_1371669096181950_840185314_o (1)Though Assassination Classroom has been out for a while thanks to Funimation’s broadcast dub initiative, this was the first time I’ve really been able to talk about the show in detail with people. J. Michael Tatum (adaptive scriptwriter for Assassination Classroom & voice of Shiro), Leah Clark (voice of Yukiko Kanzaki), Eric Cherry (voice of Takuya Muramatsu), and myself (voice of Kirara Hazama) discussed the show with a packed room. It was fun getting to delve into aspects of the show and characters as well as talk about teachers that brought Korosensei to mind. This year’s TnT was also a great chance to catch up with fellow voice actors that, even if they live close by, I RARELY get to see because we’re all so busy! The panels were something else, you guys. IMG_20160716_221745 I gotta say that, out of all the things on the schedule, I was most excited/nervous about reuniting with Stephen and Tatum for our ol’ podcast, That Anime Show. Yes, the show ran for four years, but we’ve been gone for almost three! What better way to thank our listeners that continue to download than with a little reunion at Tokyo in Tulsa. Stephen even got behind the microphone! It got nice and vulgar pretty much right off the bat. If you’ve listened to the show, you won’t be the least bit surprised. We’re hoping to have the live show available through That Anime Show and iTunes in the next couple of weeks. Wish I could say sooner, but Stephen and I are playing catch up. I have a love/hate relationship with being busy. It’s a good problem to have, isn’t it? IMG_20160717_140914Other people I got to do some serious catching up with at Tokyo in Tulsa? THE CHALK TWINS!!!!! They killed it with the Death Parade artwork last weekend, guys! Getting to hang out with them and their adorable father at Kilkenney’s was definitely a treat. Seriously, that family is phenomenal. I could’ve talked to them all night, but they were smart enough to get us back to the hotel on Sunday night and make me go to sleep! I can’t wait to see them again. If you haven’t seen their skills yet, do it. DO IT NOW! People even asked me about the book I’m currently finishing up. It’s crazy to think that I’m doing final tweaks on my first novel, you guys. If this is news to you, STAY TUNED! More details are to come, I promise. It’s been two days and I’m still sleepy. Guess that means I had fun! Thanks for another great year, TnT! Let’s do it again sometime!

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