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After years of compromises, phone calls, letters, and numerous other frustrations… 

I broke up with my cable company.

Buying a PS3 definitely influenced my decision. Alternating between regular cable and Netflix didn’t last long. Netflix spoiled and won me over quickly.

The cable company? They call now and again, begging me to take them back (they do not handle rejection well), but I’ve moved on. Hopefully they’ll find a way to let go and find someone else to overcharge.

Do I miss watching things when they originally air? Sure. I even gave Hulu Plus a shot. Cancelled after the trial week because I still would’ve been paying for advertisements interrupting my shows and movies.

No, this isn’t a Netflix sponsored post. Programming that I’ve never had the chance to watch being readily available is just… neat.

Currently watching:

Orange is the New Black (from the creator of Weeds) is my new obsession! I was hesitant to watch it at first because of Netflix’s so-so revival of Arrested Development. Orange is the New Black is based off a book by the same name, but there are some differences here and there (TV does tend to take liberties). The series is just full of win. OITNB isn’t for everybody, but anyone remotely interested in checking it out should do so immediately. It centers around one particular character (Piper), but I consider this to be an ensemble show (in many episodes, the supporting characters steal the scenes). The writing is refreshing and often hilarious. Go watch it… NOW!

Breaking Bad is a show that I’ve been hounded over for years. “OH MY GOD, TERRI, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!“… Telling me I have to watch something is a sure-fire way to get me to do to the exact opposite. I’ve seen several shows in the past based off recommendations and I’m rarely impressed. I’ll eventually break down if friends press me, but I proceed with caution and prepare for disappointment. Now that I’ve gotten into the show, I feel like an idiot for not starting it sooner. Congratulations, friends! Your persistence has paid off. I officially love this show.

Next on the Queue:

Yes, I realize I might be losing major cool points for not having seen Battlestar Galactica yet. I tend not to watch too many shows at the same time. BG looks like one of those shows that I’d get obsessed with quickly (possibly anyway) and I don’t want to be watching several shows and BG when I finally get to it. No, I’m not familiar with the original series (though my husband is and will probably annoy me with trivial differences when we watch it). Not 100% sure that I’ll like this show, but I can’t really say why. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

An ex’s mother was full on obsessed with The West Wing. How do I know? Because she never shut up about it, always interrupting conversations to annoy the masses with little factoids about it (ex. “Did you know Eugene Levy was at one time considered to play Toby Ziegler?!”). Dumb excuse not watch a show? Maybe. Now that I’ve gotten into Newsroom, I’ve been told that I should give West Wing a chance.

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  1. kairyuu
    August 22, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Orange is the new black is absolutely fantastic and I just finished the first season last night. Also glad to hear you got on the Breaking Bad train. I`d also recommend just getting a full ticket for the Netflix-original-series party bus and watch some House of Cards, because Kevin Spacey is the man.

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