Monica Rial Bloopers

Monica Rial voices Vera in the One of Few audiobook. What should have taken one session took two because she’s ridiculous and one of my best friends… Enjoy the random!

Headed To Retail

When I started this whole process, I didn’t know if One of Few would ever be anything other than a writing exercise. After I realized I wanted to move on to the next step, I eventually decided to take the “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS?!” route by going indie. In addition to self-publishing,…

Home Is Where The Studio Is

… Okay, the title needs work, but you get the gist. Been talking a lot about home setups with fellow voiceover peeps: what works, what doesn’t, what’s necessary, what you can do without, blah blah blah. Since I love talking about the biz and gear, why not post more about it? Might be a little…

“What microphone should I get?”

I was at a good spot when I first started in Voice Over. My boyfriend (now husband) was an engineer that could point me in the right direction. Plus, I’d just finished working at music store for two years. When it came to putting together my own studio, a lot of it was trial and…

Haber-Kon Highlights

Did you know that my super talented husband started out doing live sound? Don’t answer that, I know you did. I don’t shut up about it. Though Stephen isn’t live sound guy anymore, he does still work live events from time to time. Todd Haberkorn approached Stephen about running sound for his band at Haber-Kon….