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RCAF2014 184Here is typically the part where I apologize for the lack of posting, but I think we’ve established that I’ve been a busy little bee. A fact that I’m pretty freakin’ happy about.

Though it was a couple weeks ago now, I definitely feel the need to talk about my short time in Camrose, Alberta. Yes, I as well as Joeyblondewolf2 were guests at Rose City Anime Festival on October 19th!

It’s always cool to join a con for their inaugural year. They’re learning as they go all the while sharing their passions and hobbies with fellow fans. It doesn’t get much better than that, you know?

I forget how grueling that plane ride can be, but it was worth it. Got greeted at the airport by my fellow guest and this adorable woman by the name of Jenny. She runs her own shuttle service & made the trek from Camrose to Edmonton, a roughly 45 minute drive, just to pick up me & Joey.

First stop: Horton’s. Because Canada. Can’t believe this was my third time visiting, first time in Alberta. Reminded me a lot of Texas. Alberta: Texas with a twist. You can quote me on that. I may regret that later.

Funny enough, once we arrived at the hotel in Camrose, I learned that it was connected with a casino. Fun fact about yours truly: Never gambled. And, after watching Joey win 50 bucks while I lost 20 in less than 30 minutes, I never will again. I’ll stick to Putt Putt, thank you… Maybe just one more time.

IMAG0699Joey & I took a cab the next morning to head to the convention. It was held at this amazing little place in the center of town called The Bailey Theatre. I was greeted by some of the most friendly people I’ve ever met, including Grace, the lovely woman I’d been in talks with.

One of my favorite parts of this entire experience was seeing how close-knit everyone was. The whole thing was  a family affair and it is incredibly rare. Even better, I was treated like family. Good family, not V.C. Andrews family.

They showed me & Joey to our respective dressing rooms. That’s right, you heard me correctly. DRESSING ROOMS! Nice little place if we wanted a moment away from things or wanted to scarf down munchies (including more Timmy’s obviously). Rarely get that kind of stuff, so it was quite surreal for me. Also made me feel as if any second the stage manager was going to come in and tell me I had 5 minutes before showtime.

IMAG0696Everything from the layout of the overall space to the dressing rooms screamed history. And if that wasn’t enough, my room had this wall (pic to the left). The Bailey’s original construction was around 1911. When they did renovations, they went through the trouble of preserving what they could. You can see notes actors had scribbled, some dating as early 1925. I love a place that respects their history and it’s as if the con staff knew that.

Eventually I went upstairs & got to meet people. Joey and I set up are own little tables toward the back of the theater with help from our respective handlers. We met fans, geeked out about all things anime, and signed a little bit of everything (including a boob).

IMAG0706For those new to the blog, know that I’m OBSESSED with cosplay. I’ll stop everything I’m doing to bug a good cosplayer. Not always the best thing to do in the middle of a panel, but that rarely stops me. During autographs, I saw the girl walking around (yes, the girl to the right). Her cosplay was incredibly detailed, every bit of metal was personally put in place by her. I think she’s someone from Assassin’s Creed, but I can’t be sure. I just know I loved it.

As the convention was winding down, I saw her in casual attire. She had this huge tub with her and asked me to hold it. It was by no means light (least for me because I’m a wimp). Turns out, it was holding her costume. My respect for cosplayers increased tenfold. Rockstars, all of you!

IMAG0714Outside my scheduled programming, which was pretty light, I was left to my own devices. This meant that I had way too much time to look at the dealer’s room, most (if not all) of which was from Anime Hypercubed. Many things begged to come home with me, but in the end it was all about The Walking Dead merchandise.

Mike (to the left) and The Governor (not photographed because… well, it’s The Governor) gave the TSA pause through Customs, especially Mike. Zombies make the best traveling companions. If you follow me on Instagram (@TeeDotally), you can see many photos of Mike during the trek back. Unfortunately, I did not document the choice looks I got from fellow flyers.

IMAG0717Another thing I got to do during my offtime was just hang with attendees. Believe it or not, it isn’t always that easy to do at conventions. Sometimes the schedule doesn’t allow for it, while other times… There are actually several reasons, none of which apply to this particular convention. I saw a Lucy (Fairy Tail) that I thought was just too damn cute not to bug. She and her adorable friend hung with me for a good chunk of time. We talked about the industry as a whole, reminisced and may have gotten beaten by children with Legends of Korra posters. So, you know, just a normal day for me.

For a one day event, a whole lot sure happened. I am positive that I’m forgetting several things, but I have slept since then.

Major praise to the staff of Rose City Anime Festival. I look forward to seeing you grow!

RCAF2014 157Oh, and thanks for all the tea.

NOTE: Some photos are courtesy of the lovely peeps from Rose City Anime Fesitval.

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