Terri Doty

Today is the day, y’all!

One of Few is OFFICIALLY released!

HUGE THANKS to everyone involved! And I do mean everyone: editors, testers, readers, friends, family, dogs, etc.

From the back cover (for those that might need a refresher):

Doing what few can. How fortunate I am.

Locators are rare. Only eleven people can access chambers throughout the world. The fourth dimensional pockets themselves are a mystery. They can hold anything from both known and unknown worlds.

With a locator’s ability comes power. A power that hasn’t escaped the notice of the Ceruleman race. They will stop at nothing to keep control of the chambers. Of the locators.

Of her.

Eleven isn’t a name you run across often. When you do, you tend not to forget. Unfortunately for the eleventh locator, that’s all she’s been doing. Forgetting.

But things change.

It’s time to remember.

Paperback and Kindle is available through Amazon! Apparently the digital and print aren’t grouped together immediately, hence the link straight to my author page.

Be sure to add One of Few to your reading list on Goodreads!

If you’d like a signed copy, my online store is still under construction. BUT, if you’re local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I’ll be around at A-kon from June 8th thru the 11th. I’ll have a table with books and new autograph cards by Steve Yurko, so be sure to stop on by!

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