Terri Doty

When I speak at schools, libraries, conventions and so on, I feel it is important to talk about my multi-ethnic upbringing.

Coming from two drastically different cultures and being a geek on top of that wasn’t always the easiest thing as a kid or a fan. And seeing myself represented in fandoms was often difficult or impossible.

The journey is not an easy one. This much is true.

I have noticed a huge shift over the past few years. We are slowly getting where we need to be as far as representation and inclusion.

In February of last year, I was contacted by someone from a first year convention:

As an anime voice over actor, and Mexican American woman, you embody the spirit of who we’d like to highlight, and why we started Fan Con.”

And, just like that, Universal FanCon had my attention.

This event seemed right up my alley. It was an opportunity to work alongside people that are often overlooked through multiple mediums.

The thing that sets us apart is our focus on highlighting groups that often get relegated to the diversity panel. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the diversity panel that took over the con!”

Rather than go into the specifics as to what happened (though the details are few to many including myself), I will simply say that I’m disappointed that the event was cancelled within days of what should have been the start of the event. Official statements say “postponed” for now but I think it is safe to assume cancelled is more fitting.

As a guest, I’m out of pocket for a few things that I will be able to earn back down the line.

Not all are so lucky. Vendors, artists and attendees are at risk of not being able to recoup their losses.

Check out the following links (or provide your own in the comments):

Help if you can. If there are other links, again, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

If you were planning to meet me, shoot me a message through this site. I’d love to send you something.

Please don’t let this sour your heart.

Fandom is universal.

This setback doesn’t change that fact one bit.

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