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Terri Doty

So… I know it’s been a while. Feel like I’m saying that with every post. I write when I get the time and, luckily, I’ve been pretty busy.

That being said, I’ve been wanting to share some of the creative writing I’ve been doing. Here’s a little something that I wrote a few months back.


In an ostensibly endless sea of orange and red swam a droplet of violet. The touch of plum fought against the current, making it stand out all the more. Flaming waves pushed the speck in all directions but the one it desired.

An ocean to some. Foreign tissue under the heavy scrutiny of a microscope to others.

Blurs of coral and cardinal, all vaguely reminiscent of those she’d often emulated now circled. She had arrived. Despite her efforts to feel otherwise, the mauve maiden oozed discomfort.

Vacancies in demeanor. Captivating yet dull. The others welcomed but played evasive. She wondered to herself how one managed such a feat.

Her touch of lilac came courtesy of the lone, cool-colored gel. The lamp, much like herself, seemed out of place. Others shined down warm variations. But not hers.

The light anticipated movements, often displaying potential paths. She began to find the incandescent lavender soothing.

Looking skyward resulted in temporary blindness. Consequences akin to staring into the sun and just as painful.

She could go anywhere but out. Tireless searching for an exit proved fruitless. No escape.

A familiar figure passed, lit in dark cerulean. She called to him, but no sound issued forth. The overblown frequencies muted her timbre and stunted rational thought.

Before long, the recognizable became strange. His blue tone turned tangerine. Another lost to the sea.

All semblances of fascination dwindled. Couldn’t move or be heard. Existence outside the ember hues ceased.

Tension eased as inquisitiveness began to falter. Followed directly by a gentle swaying. The lilac gel converted to a more pleasant tone. A ruby light shined on her.

And another.

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