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Thought I’d go through my personal book collection and select a few reads that just might get you in the mood for scares and all that other spooky type of stuff.

My friends know me so well… Perfume by Patrick Süskind was given to me as a birthday present. Who doesn’t love a story about a guy driven to murder in order to create the perfect scent?… Just me? Clearly not, it is a popular read. Don’t let that fool you, it is a bit on the bizarre side. Poor Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born without the sense of smell. Really, what other choice does he have but murder? What else was there to do in France during the 18th century? Again, bizarre. It is hauntingly good. I know a lot of people say “Don’t see the movie” when talking about flicks based on books, but just don’t. Promise me you won’t see the movie. PROMISE ME!

The Serpent & The Rainbow by Wade Davis was a gift from one of my dreaded exes… Awkward. Hey, at least I got a cool book out of the whole horrible ordeal… Moving on, I’d seen the movie and wasn’t eager to read the book. Honestly, the flick is just hard to sit through and I’d never voluntarily watch it again. If you’re a horror fan and I just broke your heart, sorry (not sorry). The book is all sorts of awesome. It is actually a study, but reads a lot like a work of fiction. Follow Mr. Davis, an ethnobotanist, as he investigates several cases of zombism (courtesy of a voodoo “zombie powder”) in Haiti. This is so much more than your typical zombie read. I could go into detail, but why not just read it for yourself? Maybe convince your significant other to buy it for you… What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve already gone on record stating that Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is my favorite book of all time. Might sound strange to some of you, but it’s always been my go-to when I’m feeling blue. Initially, I read this lovely piece of literature because it was written by a woman. Thanks, Mary! Okay, I’ll admit that this really isn’t in the horror genre. Those that haven’t read it but are familiar with the franchise would be quick to lump it in there. A guy struggles to create life from death and must deal with the consequences of his actions… Okay, there’s definitely horror potential, but sci-fi all the way! This is typically where I’d say something like “those in the mood for a creepy read should consider giving this a gander“, but why haven’t you read Frankenstein yet?! WHY?

Yet another one of those cases where I saw the film before reading Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Never heard of Låt den rätte komma (original Swedish title) before my sister from another mister, Sara, asked me to join her at the Angelika. Please don’t ever watch Let Me In (American version)… I feel no need to elaborate. If you have seen the original and you’re interested in reading the book, you’ll notice a few differences. Don’t let that deter you, it’s worth checking out. The focus is more on being alone in the world than about being a vamp (glitter-free). I loved getting to know these characters, some of which weren’t even featured in the movie. Finally, a book about vampires that I actually enjoy. How refreshing!

Another zombie book? Really, Terri?“… Is anyone really shocked? Yes, I’ve mentioned The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks before, but it is worth bringing up again. I’d originally picked this up in the humor section of my local bookstore (remember those?), but, to be perfectly honest, it’s really not all that funny. Not “haha” type of funny anyway. There’s a lot of practical information for several scenarios (zombies optional): which mode of transportation is best, what weapon should I go with, Han or Greedo… See? Something for everyone! Again, if you’re looking for a cheap laugh, look elsewhere. If you’re into the genre at all & haven’t read this, there’s nothing good about who you are or what you do… Kidding (I’m not kidding)! Seriously, it’s been out for years now! Follow it with The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks and/or World War Z (seeing it this Sunday & I have never low expectations).

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King

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  1. Laura J
    Laura JReply
    October 4, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    I have read all but The Serpent and the Rainbow, I now have an excuse to go book shopping… again!

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