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IMG_20151115_170546Okay, so that title makes it seem like I was out for revenge or something. FAR FROM IT!

I’ve annoyed countless friends, coworkers, and strangers with my love of many things Maine. What’s not to love? Old Port is great to walk around, local shops/restaurants can’t be ignored, and the scenery… Ah!

But the biggest reason to love Maine? Animaine. The con, cosplay, staffers, attendees… I think you get the picture.

After two years away, those crazy dudes asked me back for their fifth year. Interesting to see how far they’ve come since they got their start.

And this time I didn’t make the trip alone. Stephen Hoff (aka sound engineer extraordinaire & husband of yours truly) joined me! Sure, we get to work together here and there. Conventions are a whole other world. We get to expose others to our geekiness on all things audio.

Also along for the ride were fellow guests: Monica Rial, Greg Ayres, Scott Melzer, and David Williams. For those living on another planet, Monica has been in just about every anime you love and love to hate. She’s also one of my closest friends. I’d never done a con with Monica before and I hadn’t seen the guys in a while. What better excuse than Animaine?

And those are just the guests! Those attending and running around behind-the-scenes can make or break a con sometimes. Luckily, we were in good hands. Shout out to Arthur and Annaliese! They took great care of us over the weekend, namely when it came to a hangry me.

KRISTENAfter Opening Ceremonies, an adorable Sebastian Michaelis cosplayer by the name of Kristen approached me. Not only was she cosplaying one of my favorite characters, but she’s a fan of That Anime Show! Needless to say, I liked her immediately. Then Kristen went and surprised Hoff and myself with 8-bit art! We each got a half.


During Hoff’s Audio 101 panel, Kristen mentioned that she hopes to become an audio engineer one day. It isn’t always an easy gig and engineers definitely don’t get the credit they deserve. That being said, I applaud anyone to have a go! She’s got a great support system and that can go a long way. Good luck, Kristen!

IMG_20151113_201140First panel was called “Why Would I Lie?” Monica, Greg, and Colin Harvie against me, Hoff, & Arthur. We each got a card to read off. It was up to the other team to determine if what was on the card was True or False.

Needless to say, my card was false. Sorry to disappoint, Tori Firewater enthusiasts.

I’m always curious as to what people are going to bring and what cosplayers are gonna rock at autograph sessions. It is also a great excuse to geek out with people over characters as well as shows. Animaine is not the exception to the rule. I saw servants of Phantomhive manor, Daria Morgendorffer, Fairy Tail guild members, and more! IMG_20151114_152113

Throughout my now three years of Animaine awesome sauce, I’ve seen Amber rock some pretty great cosplay. She did not disappoint this year. Her Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish was downright distracting! Can you tell I love that show?

IMG_20151114_171349When you’re in Maine, what does every person and their mom wanna try? Unless you have a shellfish allergy, it is most likely lobster. Unless you’re me.

Fun fact: Not a huge fan.

But that didn’t apply to Hoff and Ron… Clearly. Seriously, photoshop involving The Shining happened after I snapped this photo. Thanks, Jamie McGonnigal!

Bootleg Bomber is a Saturday night tradition. What is it? It’s the chance to inform people on the crappyness that is bootlegging. Not only does it hurt the industry, it can be dangerous (i.e. buying stuffed animals with fiberglass inside). So what does Animaine do? THEY DESTROY IT! I came in while Greg and Monica were tearing stuff up. I got to go all gangster on some dvds, which both excited and scared people.

Take note, haters: I can destroy with the best of them.

Oh, and there was a robot! Greg calls it Destruct-o-bot, haha. IMG_20151114_193542

I tried out a new panel this weekend called “Truth of Doty.” I tell you three factoids and YOU have a minute to ask me questions. Then you have to determine was of the three is actually true. Similar to Why Would I Lie?, probably. That didn’t stop me, haha. And, hey, people got prizes. So yay!

Plus, people got to know way more than they likely ever wanted to about yours truly.

Before too long, it was time for Closing Ceremonies. Homesickness had me anxious to get back home to my dog, but still. Animaine peeps are hard to say goodbye to. Yes, they are that awesome.


MoniconSometimes the Staff Dinner is the only chance you really get to catch up with people. It’s like we’re working throughout the con or something. Ugh, what a horrible life. It was a blast talking to peeps and laughing. One thing I’d change? I’d have Monica there. She had to leave early.

So photoshop happened… Hard.

In summation, if you’re in the New England area when Animaine is happening, go… If you’re not and willing to travel, go.


Thanks for the good times, ya’ll!

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